'Just a quick note to say thanks for a really fruitful and enjoyable day. I learned a lot from your course today. Your tuition was friendly and fun whilst remaining totally focused. We covered a lot of ground I felt. As well as giving guidance on current motorcycling matters from clothing to safety, you also helped remove some of the 30 year old dust from my ageing memory (the last time this 54 year old was riding motorcycles on the road)'.  ​​

Shaun W

'Great training and coaching,  Thanks for all the help, advice and support. As you said, it's the end of the beginning. Looking forward to learning much more over the years'.

Paul C

'Brilliant day!  Thanks so much for making it a fun and enjoyable.  I learned a lot and surprised myself with how much I improved in just one day!'

Andy O

'Sarah and I would like to say thank you so much for all your support and guidance today. We both enjoyed it very much and are grateful for your advice. The road riding was great and I was very proud of Sarah continuing with it because I know she was worried. You helped her tremendously so thanks .'
Bob S

'Thanks again for a great day yesterday and the best CBT training I've ever had.'

'Thanks again for your first class training and getting me through my tests with confidence and a brilliant understanding of what riding is about.'
Lee W

​'Thank you so much for the training, as mentioned before I had tried training with other schools where they had a generic “one size fits all” process – didn’t work for me. I found that your service was tailored to my need and testament to me getting through what is quite a painful process, painlessly! Thanks again and I wish you and your business all the best for the future!'

​Johnny W

Your expert advice and calm approach made me feel confident on a bike from day one, even with an extremely complicated training schedule (involving me being out of the country for half the time) his well organised and professional methods ensured I passed everything first time. Your passion for biking is clear from the moment you meet  and you are genuinely willing us to pass first time! When I'm riding now, I still hear your tips in my head, reminding me to do my pre-ride checks and lifesavers! You should record your voice into a satnav! I'd recommend JJ's to anyone who wants to learn to ride, I can't imagine a better learning experience!'
​Chris C


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At JJ's Motorcycle Training we know that motorcycling makes practical sense, but it's more than a means to get you from point A to point B, it’s your freedom. Whether you're a beginner or are looking to take your full motorcycle test, your safety, ability and confidence when out on the road is of paramount importance to us. Our exceptionally high quality training gives us a well deserved reputation, giving you peace of mind.  Why ride? Click Here.



 Motorcycle Training

We are motorcycle people. That means we care about you and your safety. 

Established in 2014, JJ's Motorcycle Training is owned and run as a family business. Dave took over the daily running of the business in 2020 and continues to promote the ethos of safe riding at all levels.  Dave has been riding motorcycles for over 47 years and training for nearly 30 years, with well in excess of 2 million miles covered in the saddle; you will usually find Dave out and about with the trainees, but mostly doing as he's been told by the office staff. Dave is committed to raising the standard of instruction across the industry but to still ensure that learning to ride is enjoyable. Our progressive learning policy ensures that there is a training package suitable for everyone whatever your age, riding ability or previous experience. 

Nick Knights

Nick has been training from CBT to advanced standards for over 20 years and is very highly regarded within the industry.

A true rider, Nick rides every day and enjoys nothing more than a good ride out when not training.

 Our team of highly qualified DVSA approved instructors will ensure that you receive the best quality training available in the UK today.​


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